São Paulo, April 20, 2021. CSU’s newest move in the technology area is the long-term licensing of the core banking platform from Technisys. With this partnership, CSU’s Banking as a Service – BaaS solution will benefit from a core banking option considered one of the most advanced in the global market, taking digital banking to another level nationwide, in addition to opening new paths for the expansion of the Company.

This partnership with a company that already operates strongly in the digital environment, leverages CSU’s BaaS solution, enabling the creation of different financial ecosystems, either being payment entities, direct credit companies or even financial institutions. “With this new platform, CSU will be able to offer a wide and complete solution in the Brazilian market and with very strong conditions in terms of security and strenghness for the market that lacks solutions with a high degree of quality”, says Mr. Ricardo Leite, Investor Relations and M&A Officer.

“CSU intends to become configured as a complete provider of digital financial services for several customers in different market segments, including retail, goods and services companies, fintechs, among many others”, adds Mr. Fabiano Droguetti, COO of CSU.

The licensing of this platform, after almost 2 years of evaluation and negotiations with Technisys, is seen by the executives of CSU as an advance in the BaaS sector since it combines the qualities of 2 major players in the industry: Technisys, one of the main providers of next-generation digital banking platforms, whose systems are used to manage more than 100 million accounts in 16 countries; and CSU, a market leader in state-of-the-art technological solutions for payment means, customer experience and clients’ loyalty and incentives.

“CSU becomes the only company in Brazil to use the Technisys platform to provide services to third parties”, records Mr. Leite.

“With this tool, CSU seeks to meet the needs of our customers in a simpler, more flexible, efficient, comprehensive and with the high quality, security and technology as it has been performing for more than two decades in the processing of outsourced cards”, finishes Mr. Droguetti.

In the construction and development of a complete proposal for service solutions for its BaaS project, CSU is expected to allocate resources higher than R$ 150 million over the next 5 years in the areas of technology and operations.

With this investment, CSU will seek to capture an important portion of the BaaS outsourcing industry, which, according to its internal estimates, should generate approximately R$ 8 billion in business to BaaS providers in the Brazilian market over the next 5 years.

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Created in 1992, CSU is a leading company in the Brazilian market in state-of-the-art technological solutions for payment means, customer experience and clients’ loyalty and incentives. CSU has about 6,000 employees, in the offices of São Paulo, Barueri, Recife and Belo Horizonte. Acting in a pioneering way, in 2006 CSU was the first company in its segment to go public on B3, becoming part of the highest corporate governance level, the Novo Mercado segment, under the ticker CARD3.

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