Blue C Technology, CSU’s new initiative, will provide digital financial solutions for companies looking to enter the embedded finance match

São Paulo, June 20, 2021. CSU CardSystem S.A. (CARD3:BZ), a leading company in the Brazilian market in state-of-the-art technological solutions for payment means, customer experience and clients’ loyalty and incentives – announces its official entry into the BaaS (Banking as a Service) market. Through the new Blue C Technology business unit, CSU will expand its operations and offer a complete structure of financial products and services to companies from different segments in the country.

“We believe that Open Banking and BaaS are major and dominant trends in the development of the payment and credit market in Brazil. With this vision, CSU has developed a robust and high-performance technological structure that will enable operations of the most varied company profiles in this segment. Retail, industry, service sector and payment institutions will now have a secure and high-performance framework for their operations and projects. CSU estimates that BaaS, under an outsourcing regime, will transact around R$8 billion over the next 5 years and CSU should allocate R$150 million to achieve a relevant share in this sector. In our favor will be the great background of the group in outsourcing in the area of ​​payments, as well as the robustness and performance of CSU’s technological solutions”, explains Mr. Marcos Leite, CEO of the company.

Blue C starts its operations with the white label model of digital accounts for individuals and companies, in addition to offering solutions in credit, foreign exchange, insurance, investments, acquiring, as components of a financial and value-added services Marketplace. This model is capable of quickly transforming companies from non-financial sectors into fintechs, so that they can take advantage of the opportunities associated with the global trend of embedded finance.

To compose the new unit team, CSU hired key executives from the IT and business sectors. Mr. Alexandre Pinto, a professional with extensive experience in the area of technology and banking services, including BaaS, will lead them.

According to Mr. Pinto, the country is experiencing a third wave of innovation in the financial market, with initiatives such as Pix instant payment and Open Finance, very favorable for the evolution of Banking as a Service. “We saw the birth and rise of ‘pure’ fintechs and digital banks for the general public, in a second moment, the journey of large retailers towards offering financial solutions to their customers and, now, the time has come for companies from other sectors”, he defends.

The executive adds, “Any company with a relevant number of customers or a good relationship with its stakeholders – partners, suppliers, distributors – can benefit as a provider of digital financial services. Sectors such as education, franchising, food and beverage, utilities and industry in general, for example. It is a way to strengthen the relationship with your audience, better understand your purchasing and spending behavior, reduce banking costs and, at the same time, multiply your sources of income. In addition to leveraging the core business of these companies”, says Mr. Pinto.

Blue C is already born as the most-prepared platform to be the ideal partner for companies interested in Banking as a Service. Under CSU structure, Blue C has the credibility, tradition and security of a company with 30 years of experience and which has more than 28 million cards in its portfolio, processing transactions whose monthly amount reaches R$15 billion. Its BaaS solution also has the licensing of state-of-the-art technology platforms, such as the Technisys core banking, considered one of the most advanced in the world market and used to manage more than 100 million accounts in 16 countries.

Mr. Ricardo Leite, CSU’s Investor Relations Officer, highlights that Blue C will be the main vehicle and vector of expansion of the Company in the BaaS sector, and that, combined with the M&A actions in the segment, should result in a substantial growth rate in the future. “CSU will continue to focus on expanding its growth in the various types of credit, payment and the digital economy”, concludes the executive.

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Created in 1992, CSU is a leading company in the Brazilian market in state-of-the-art technological solutions for payment means, customer experience and clients’ loyalty and incentives. CSU has about 6,000 employees, in the offices of São Paulo, Barueri, Recife and Belo Horizonte. Acting in a pioneering way, in 2006 CSU was the first company in its segment to go public on B3, becoming part of the highest corporate governance level, the Novo Mercado segment, under the ticker CARD3.

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