At a time when banks and large retailers did not issue their cards due to lack of a processing company capable of supporting them, Marcos Ribeiro Leite created CSU: Latin America’s largest independent company specialized in processing electronic means of payment.

The consistent replacement of means of payment, such as paper money and checks, by credit cards, in line with a trend of credit expansion to customers and technological expansion of electronic means of payment and its credibility observed in Brazil, has positively impacted card management companies, and, consequently, card processing companies and companies providing services related to such activity, such as CSU.

With more than 29 years operating in the market, CSU’s history follows the path of the Brazilian means of payment market, which is currently more competitive, highly technological, with levels of sophistication compatible with the world’s most developed markets.

To follow the evolution and dynamism of the market, CSU expanded its operations through new Business Divisions and proved its potential to innovate by providing different and synergic technological solutions in each of its fronts of operation.

The CSU.CARDSYSTEM Division offers customers the processing and management of electronic means of payment, and processing services for acquirers. Through a full-service model, CardSystem offers a complete range of services and solutions, allowing issuers to outsource their entire operational activity.

CSU.MARKETSYSTEM  is the Division that provides solutions for relationship marketing, e-commerce, and loyalty and incentive programs through the OPTe+ technological platform.

Through CSU.CONTACT, CSU joins Brazil’s contact center market, a segment that has been increasing in the last few decades from being just an ancillary service supporting sales or marketing offered through a single communication channel (telephone), to become an integrated and supplementary service option, such as customer services (SAC), telemarketing, technical support, customer relationship, sales, billing, and activation, through human assistance or digital channels.

BLUE C TECHNOLOGY, the Company’s newest division, offers a complete Banking as a Service (BaaS) solution, with service architecture based on a solid and agile technological platform, providing security and efficiency for any company to be able to offer financial services to their customers, suppliers, distributors, and partners.

The current challenging macroeconomic scenario creates new opportunities for CSU, as it encourages companies to increasingly outsource their operations to highly specialized companies. Moreover, the full-service business scope allows the Company to operate in different segments, such as banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, supermarkets, telecommunications, energy companies, department stores, oil distributors, cosmetics, and many others.

The services offered by CSU join the objectives and strategies of each customer with the technological, market, and operational expertise of each of its Business Divisions.

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