At a time when banks and large retailers were not issuing their own cards because of the lack of a processing company that could support them, Marcos Ribeiro Leite created CSU: the largest independent company in Latin America specialized in electronic payment means processing.

The consistent substitution of means of payment such as paper money and checks by credit cards, in line with the trend seen in Brazil of expansion of consumer credit and the technological evolution of the electronic payment means and their credibility, has had a positive impact on Card Managers and, consequently, on card processors and companies that render services related to this activity, such as CSU.

With over 25 years of market activities, CSU’s history is interwoven with the development of the Brazilian payment means market itself, currently more competitive, highly technological and with levels of sophistication compatible with the world’s most advanced markets.

In order to keep up with the market’s evolution and dynamic performance, CSU entered different markets and put to the test its ability to innovate, becoming a company with an extensive services portfolio.

The CSU.CARDSYSTEM Unit offers clients services such as the processing of credit cards, private label cards and hybrid cards (private label Visa, MasterCard or Elo cards), as well as acquirer services and client loyalty and relationship programs (CSU.MARKETSYSTEM and OPTe+).

CSU is part of the contact center market in Brazil through its CSU.CONTACT Unit. This segment has evolved in recent decades and no longer is simply an accessory sales support or marketing service, fulfilled through a single communication channel, the telephone. Rather, it is now an option offering integrated and complementary services, such as customer service (SAC), telemarketing, technical support, customer loyalty, sales, collections and activation, provided over a number of different channels.

To suport the demand for innovation in this market, CSU has developed its newest operating lever, the C360 platform. It was created to revolutionize client contacts. C360 is a digital multimedia platform that uses intelligence and high technology to motivate customers. The C360 plataform is applicable to the marketing, sales, collections, card activation and client relationship areas.

CSU also developed the CSU.ITS Unit, which defines the entry of the Company into a market that has attractive margins and an excellent prospect for growth: IT outsourcing. The current challenging macroeconomic environment creates new opportunities for CSU in that it encourages companies to increasingly opt to outsource their operations to highly specialized companies. In addition, its full service business scope enables the Company to operate in distinctive market segments such as banks, financial firms, insurers, supermarkets, telecommunications, energy companies, department stores, oil distributors, cosmetic companies and many others.

The services that CSU offers combine the objectives and strategies of each customer with the technological, marketing and operational capacities of each one of its Business Units.

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