Established in 1992, CSU is a Brazilian leading provider of high technology services focused on consumption, customer relations, electronic transaction processing, with complete solutions for credit card and electronic payment programs, tailor-made loyalty, e-commerce, sales, billing, credit, and contact center solutions.

In more than 29 years of history, the Company created an unprecedented and innovative model of operation, with technological solutions that integrate and connect banks, financial institutions, retailers, service companies, and customers throughout Brazil, enabling continuous access to new markets and pioneering launch of products and solutions, besides the flexibility of service customization.

CSU has approximately 6,000 employees located in São Paulo, Alphaville, Recife, and Belo Horizonte. It operates with the following Business Divisions: CSU.CARDSYSTEM, specialized in the management and processing of electronic means of payment, CSU.MARKETSYSTEM, which provides and integrates direct marketing solutions for customer engagement, CSU.CONTACT, which operates in the contact center segment, managing multiple activation channels and enabling the development of efficient programs for acquisition, recovery and billing, as well as customer service, and Blue C Technology, a Banking as a Service (BaaS) provider that offers a complete structure of financial products and services for companies in various segments in Brazil.

Acting in a pioneering way, CSU was the first company in its segment to go public on B3, becoming part of the highest level of corporate governance, the Novo Mercado segment, under the ticker CARD3, in 2006.

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