The CSU Institute is CSU’s main Social Responsibility investment. Founded in 2003, the Institute initiated its activities with a social project that combined Education and Technology through computer training courses, which it continues offering today. Since its foundation, the project has served more than 20,000 people in the community.

As of its inception, the CSU Institute has been characterized by fostering the digital inclusion of youths and adults who are seeking entry into the labor market.

By expanding its activities over the course of its existence, the Project has accompanied the growth of the sponsor company, which increasingly values the importance of community relations and participation as a good corporate citizen in current realities.



CSU believes that providing support and training for entry into the labor market is the most efficient way to bring social and economic development to the community.

Mission and Values



To invest in vocational training for youths and adults for human development, through initiatives that enhance their individual capacities.


The CSU Institute is focused on offering full training of the youths and adults it assists, enhancing their performance through partnerships and appreciation of human value.


  • Appreciation of and investment in human training;
  • Commitment to the development of the chosen public and the continuity of the proposed actions;
  • Transparent actions and information;
  • A role in CSU’s social development.


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