CSU Contact has a strong culture for developing human capital, which is critical to the success of every organization. CSU Contact established a Human Capital Management Platform oriented to the needs and characteristics of a service company. Combined, they form a powerful and flexible human resources management system, able to ensure innovation, alignment with the company's strategy and operational efficiency.

Attraction and Selection

CSU Contact specializes and is structured to recruit and hire a large amount of manpower through modern and competitive practices. To attract and select skilled labor, in volumes demanded by the growth of the contact center operation, CSU Contact intensified this effort with online professional selection channels, media ads, opportunities sent to Worker Support Centers, partnerships with municipalities to encourage access to programs such as First Job, and started studying the profile in social networks.

CSU Contact also publicizes job vacancies internally, through the Refer-a-Friend program; this campaign encourages employees to invite a friend or family member to participate in the selection process. Upon approval, the employee who made the new hire indication receives a bonus and every new indication leads to a bonus increase.

The selection processes are based on the Skills-based Selection methodology, consisting of a survey of technical and behavioral skills essential for each position. Employees are hired pursuant to Brazil's Consolidated Labor laws (CLT) and offer pay compatible with job function, along with meal and transportation vouchers, health, dental and life insurance plans.

The benefit package also includes: monitoring expecting mothers; daycare assistance; funeral assistance; bonus program; variable compensation tied to performance; gift certificates and awards for meeting previously established targets.

Training and Development

CSU Contact believes that an environment of continuous improvement of its employees is essential in order to contribute to both personal enhancement as well as that of the organization itself. To this end, a number of programs have been created:

  • CSU developed CSU Jr., an apprentice program. The purpose of this project is to hire young people from disadvantaged communities and help them undertake Administrative Services technical-professional training.

  • Online and live courses, which allow employees to develop their knowledge anytime, anywhere.

  • During University Week, CSU Contact's, employees receive discounts that make it possible for them to enroll in higher education courses.

  • Training sessions that help leaders enhance their actions, guiding their everyday operational efforts.

  • Dissemination of results, alignment of the company's strategies and maximizing of the company's best leaders.

  • Grow Talents is one of CSU Contact's growth opportunity programs that promotes in-house hiring for administrative and operational areas to absorb the company's own talents internally.

Motivation and Organizational Climate

CSU Contact conducts a number of campaigns and encouragement actions as part of its effort to promote a better quality of life and stimulate greater integration of employees. On specific dates, such as Easter, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and June festivals, engagement campaigns involving the entire company are run.

Supplemental campaigns for each operation, considering the targets and specific needs of each business unit, also are carried out. Another important action is the CSU Contact Library. After analyzing the intellectual development of its employees, an investment was made in a space featuring books on a variety of subjects, which are made available to all staff. Furthermore, CSU Contact promotes indoor five a side football tournaments to promote employee health, well-being and integration between departments and teams.

CSU Contact CSU Contact evaluates the organizational environment of its operations at planned intervals and all hierarchical levels of its operations are involved:

Social Responsability

believes a company cannot be limited to develop and assist only its own employees, but rather must also contribute to the development of society. Concerned about the surrounding community, we invest in actions and projects such as:

  • The CSU Institute is a center of Technological Training that offers free professional data processing courses (introduction to Information Technology & Typing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Computer Installation and Maintenance) for employees and residents of the community.

  • CSU Contact contributes to the training of professionals with disabilities, promoting equality and citizens’ rights to ensure social inclusion and active participation of these individuals in society.

  • CSU Contact collaborates with the Child Growing Smiling Center, on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte.

  • CSU Contact encourages voluntary actions such as campaigns to collect food and warm clothing, teaching materials, and the Solidarity Christmas and Volunteer Library projects.

CSU.Contact Quality Policy

To offer solutions that are complete, personalized and suitable to the clients’ needs in the provision of Contact Center services, guaranteeing the commitment with the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

CSU Contact's Quality is based on a results-oriented and continuous improvement management model, offering an independent structure and free from its other areas. With impartial diagnoses and using the most advanced contact center methodologies, it makes a significant contribution to the company's operations.

The monitoring service is one of the main processes to guarantee the quality of service provided. At CSU Contact, in addition to monitoring the service provided in the operations, the area is responsible for service feedback with the employees, the call scriptwriting, definition of criteria and weighting along with the monitoring and presentation of results.

The quality monitors also train CSU Contact's employees, teaching training sessions on the subject. In day-to-day operations, the area works with operational management to prepare corrective and preventive action plans.

The need for changes (additions or deletions of phraseology and procedures, for example) can be identified as follows:

  • By the managers of the operation (supervision/coordination/management);
  • By the monitoring department, through contact analysis;
  • By the client company.

CSU believes in consultative management of the operation, and for this reason has created a team of business processes that constantly analyze client operations, seeking opportunities for improvement in relation to resources, processes and systems adopted by the operation. These suggestions for improvements are presented to the contracted client through yet another CSU Contact innovation: the Book of Improvements.

The Book of Improvements is presented to the client to evaluate the suggestions, offer support to the recommendations that will be implemented and perform follow up with subsequent evaluation of results.

O time de Processos Corporativos também é responsável por realizar diversas pesquisas e diagnósticos que tragam ganhos de eficiência operacionais. Por exemplo, é realizada a Pesquisa DNA Alta Performance que traça constantemente o melhor perfil para cada uma das operações.

Another responsibility of Quality Assurance is to build an Intranet Operating area with platforms recognized by the market to go disseminate significant information about the service. Toward this end, CSU Contact has an instructional designer specialized in the Robert Gagné - 9 Steps of Instruction methodology.

Supported by a Planning area formed by professionals already recognized in the market and some young talents, all of CSU Contact's receptive and active operations today make use of the KPIs required for real-time management of its employees, helping supervisors better manage their time by tracking most of the staff's working day and their results, thus avoiding longer hours applied to administrative routines.

Through forecast studies, continuous mapping of HC operations, quartile controls for Absenteeism, Adherence, Productivity, Recidivism/Recalls, definition of dialing strategies, propensity and scoring models, among others, today CSU Contact's operations are backed by a guarantee regarding delivery of contracted SLAs with the best possible quality results. CSU Contact developed the SIMPLE tool to make the indicators more user-friendly and dynamic, ensuring the lowest level of granularity for a more consultative and assertive management.

This solution permits Individual Management maximizing quality and performance in an optimized manner, proposing an intelligent analysis of data, by monitoring the TMA, TME, TMO, HMM, DMM and other indicators.

CSU Contact has a consistent planning structure allocated on the site of the operation, thus making it possible to track daily operating indicators, manage traffic, preview or overcome the deviations and adhere to the scale. CSU Contact's planning process is based on four pillars:

CSU Contact has a NOC 24 x7 where the planning team accompanies the daily operating indicators of all operations, taking immediate actions when necessary and positioning the operating managers.

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