Contact Solutions

Complete cycles for productivity gains, cost reductions and operational quality


Client relationship platform through digital multichannel.

Lower complexity processes and interactions through automated applications.

Integrated Management of the Credit and Collection Journey.

Multichannel platform with proactive actuation to monetize the complete client life cycle.

Analytical solution of the interactions of all channels to enhance its clients' experiences.

Evolution of Relationship 2.0, serving various channels with integrated resources to understand the clients’ needs.

Technology and Infrastructure

  • Continuous Operation

    Staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using state-of-the-art monitoring tools

  • Strategy

    Strategic partnerships with the market leading technology manufacturers, making it possible to always offer its clients the best solutions and tools

  • Preventive Plan

    Contingency plan reviewed on a monthly basis, ensuring the continuity of services and data integrity during interruptions.

View Concept

The View Concept is CSU.Contact’s innovation for site infrastructure. It was built in a horizontal plan, bringing together the best systems, infrastructure, security and excellent human resources management, with a structure focused on professional development and improving the quality of life of its employees. The Alphaview Operational Center in Barueri, in Greater São Paulo, was built based on this concept and, thus, CSU Contact has become one of the most modern and structured companies to provide customer relations services.

The Alphaview site has 25,000 sq.m. of operational facilities in an area of 32,000 sq.m., with two data centers (Tier II and Tier III), both of which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, as well as several other advantages such as: 390 parking spaces, fiber optic connections, two restaurants, Corporate University, Training Centers with all rooms following laboratory standards, cafeteria, bookstore, bank branch, Cyber Space, sports court, clinic with gynecologists, speech therapists, dentists and general practitioners, as well as easy access by bus or train, with stations across from the site.

  • Library
  • Restaurant
  • CSU Institute
  • Cyber Space
  • Mini Medical Office
  • Operation
  • Polysportive court
  • Odontological office

Our Pillars


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Competitive Advantages

  • Expertise More than 17 years in the market.
  • Customizations Portfolio of services and products that can be 100% parameterized based on the customer's needs.
  • Independence No corporate or exclusive relationships with your customers.
  • Database Segregation Strategic information and confidences are strictly separate.
  • Security Contingency infrastructure guaranteed in line with the highest standards of client data confidentiality and integrity.

The History of the Contact Division



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