Cardsystem Solutions

Through the full service model, CSU.CardSystem offers a complete range of services and solutions covering the entire credit card operating cycle, permitting the issuer to outsource its full operational activity. Besides processing the issuers’ transactions, CSU makes available all the technology needed for the processing of acquirer transactions, functioning throughout the means of payment chain

Services to Issuers

Banks, Fintechs and Retailers

  • Processing
  • Cards Embossing
  • Fraud prevention
  • 100% Digital Account
  • Contact Center
  • No card, no invoice
  • Back Office
  • WebServices (APIs)

Services to Acquirers

  • Operation management
  • Processing
  • Prevention and fraud
  • Network management
  • Charge Back


  • Totally modular to satisfy the issuers’ strategies
  • Integration to various platforms (credit, VisionPLUS, loyalty, OPTe+ and issuers’)
  • Friendly to Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay (future) and e-Commerces

Solution Virtual Card with 100% digital experience , without the need to send the physical card.

Travel advice

By period and region.

Filter options for financial transactions by:

Period, Branch of Activity, Card Holder / additional or by attendance type / e-commerce

Blocking and Displacement online segmented by:

physical means, virtual or serve.

Digital invoice , barcode generation, automatic debit and installment option.

Additional options, challenge, limit change, add-in, password and app change, loyalty program management

Competitive Advantages


CSU CardSystem uses VisionPlusTM by FDR, which is used by the main corporations in the market. After investing in and developing customized modules, the Company now offers the most modern and comprehensive technological and systemic structure for credit cards and electronic means of payment in the market.

CSU CardSystem has the technology to deliver customized solutions to its clients’ business within the standards required by the global electronic means of payment market.

VisionPlusTM by FDR – Overview

Summarized Description of the Original Modules of VisionPlusTM by FDR

Modules of CSU System Platforms

The CardSystem Unit History



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